Week Two

Self Empowerment for Woman Prisoner & Gender Based Violence

In Support of One Billion Rising V-Day Movement

at Lapas Wirogunan Jogjakarta

Facilitators was opening the program with full of joy. Start the Day with JOY



Based on the preliminary data gathered by the Self Empowerment team, severed goals decided by women prisoners are identified as follows: be a better and improve person, educate their children with care and love, being a lovely wife and a good parents for their kids, to trust their couple and develop ability to share one each others


Relaxation as a part of the basic material on women self empowerment program



Today’s self empowerment technique is the emotion culturing, aiming to empower yourself through culturing your mental emotional layer of consciousness to gain inner peace



Games time!!!Develop your own creative vision, as a tools reaching out total success



Sing together, be joyful and share your joy with others

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